Supplier Spotlight: David Groves Cartoonist

David Groves Caricatures Cartoonist Jacaranda Catering Supplier Spotlight_0001Everyone loves to come across something different at weddings and events, especially us! Whilst every couple always bring something different to a wedding day, it’s always exciting to find a novel new concept or an idea that we can share with other clients who we think might love it.

At a recent wedding, event manager Tori came across just such an undiscovered gem in the form of an amazing caricature artist called David Groves.

“His drawings are brilliant and very entertaining,” Tori said, having seen David in action firsthand. By circulating amongst guests during the drinks reception or evening entertainment, David is able to depict people in a humorous portrait that breaks the ice amongst guests.

David Groves Caricatures Cartoonist Jacaranda Catering Supplier Spotlight_0002“The cartoons that David creates provide an alternative to normal favours for guests to take away with them,” Tori suggests. “It’s a little bit different and a lot more personal and it certainly provides plenty of laughter, which is what people ought to remember from your wedding.”

Alternatively, Tori suggests that someone could be responsible for collecting David’s works on behalf of the bride and groom. You could then put all drawings into a book for posterity after your wedding, or even start collating it during your wedding reception and have guests sign their own pictures in a guest book style.

David Groves Caricatures Cartoonist Jacaranda Catering Supplier Spotlight_0003“David’s caricatures are a fun alternative to the normal photo booth that we tend to see a lot now,” Tori said. “It makes your event that bit different to everyone else’s that you’ve been to, and perhaps might even be a bit more memorable as it’s more personal to your guests.”

David Groves is based in Sussex but travels throughout the South East and beyond. To find out more about David’s work, please visit his website and follow his work on Facebook.

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