Wedding Ideas Your Guests Will Love

One major factor (apart from the catering) that determines the success of your wedding is the entertainment. Get this right and you can send your guests home glowing, with unforgettable memories of the fun and excitement! While the conventional disco and wedding bands are classics, don’t feel they are a necessity. Rules are made to be broken and throwing some creativity into the mix can make your special day, so much more special. After all, the wildest ideas are often the most fun!

Here some carefully selected entertainment ideas that your guests will love:

Set up a beer bar

Get hold of a few kegs of beer, cider and ale, so guests can grab a pitcher and get stuck in. The men will appreciate this one, I’m sure. Real wooden kegs will add a fantastic rustic quality to your theme, not to mention buying kegs can actually work out cheaper too, so you can save your pennies for even more fun activities.

Create a cosy corner

For those guests that want some space or to relax in the evening, or for couples that want sneak off for a few moments of privacy, set up a little cosy corner. If it’s a warm night, set it up outside below the stars. A couple of hammocks, cushions, bean bags, candles in jars, and gentle music on a speaker to set the mood. Add some fairy lights to really set the scene for when it gets dark.


At Jacaranda there are a wide variety of canapes to choose from to treat your guests with. Also, be sure you don’t forget the drinks; send out some waiters with pitchers of freshly made lemonade, Pimms with fruit, and the canapés of your choice. Take a look at some canapés ideas here.


Photo booth

To create long lasting memories of the evening for you and your friends, it’s a fun idea to set up a photo booth with a box of dressing up clothes. Your guests can even take the pictures home, and enjoy the memories. An alternative to this, is to hire a quick-drawing sketch artist, that can sketch pictures of your guests throughout the evening.

Enlist your grandmas to be your flower girls

To add some fun and humour into your wedding, why not ask your grandmas to be the flower girls? Ideas like this will create a fun and relaxed atmosphere for your guests to feel more at ease and make your grandma feel special too. Consider having them taken to get their hair done with you before the ceremony too. If you haven’t got to that part yet, here is everything you need to know about bridal hair.

Historical Feasts

The food is a major part of the wedding success. Why not make this also part of the entertainment? For a fun and romantic wedding why not play with a historical theme, such as a medieval feast.  Hire some costumes and props, such as swords and knight’s helmets to hand to the guests as they come in. Sit your guests around one or two long wooden tables in a beautiful stone floored barn. The tables can be laid with metal plates, goblets, fruits, candles with wine and meads, to set the atmosphere. To really set the scene a few simple sides and vegetables will make a fantastic accompaniment to a delicious ‘hog roast’ roasted traditionally over coals and flames. This will provide a truly special wedding like no other. Enquire with Jacaranda for costs on a hog roast.

Wake your guests up with fun coffees

After the meal, your guests may be feeling a little stuffed and lethargic. To reset a lively mood, it’s your responsibility to wake everyone one up and get the party started. Create a coffee menu with fun names and ideas that people just can’t resist. Some of our favourite examples “The Dirty Harry” for a double shot mocha with cream!

Old fashion sweets table

A sweets table is always fun. Adults and kids alike love to have a table with lots of old fashioned jars of sweets to help themselves to. It’s a cheap and fun way to add to the atmosphere of the wedding. To add to the fun, why not set up a giant Jenga game as well?


Make sure the little ones are happy! Provide lots of crayon and paper for them. If it’s outside where there is a lot of stone flooring, chalks are also fun and wash away in the rain. Don’t be surprised if you see mum and dad getting in on the colouring action as well!


After everyone is feeling relaxed why not have a few rounds of karaoke to spark up some fun! This doesn’t have to be done one at a time, choose a few classics to sing from, and get the whole crowd singing along. Get any of the little ones involved that would like to sing to lighten the mood and get everyone interacting.

Cocktail hour

Cocktails are trendy and a must have at your wedding. Instead of just offering a few cosmopolitans, hire a couple of cocktail experts to make some fun and delicious drinks for the guests. An added section of whisky and cigars for the men certainly wouldn’t go unrecognised. Why not set up a casino table as well? 

Finishing with a sparkle

Finish the wedding reception by handing out a few sparklers – great fun to do in the winter.  This is a nice visually appealing, fun and romantic way to finish the wedding. Even a small one can make a big impression, and is a nice conclusion to a wonderful day.


Written by: Joe Thomas

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